Process prior to the operation

At the first medical consultation:
– patients explain their reasons, set out their concerns, tell what they would like to correct and express expectations and fears;
– the surgeon conducts further enquiries and investigations, gives reassurance and proposes a medical or a surgical treatment. Sometimes it may not be required.

Whenever surgical treatment is established, the advantages, limits and risks will be explained.

In addition to oral information, the surgeon:
– provides written information,
– prescribes pre-operative tests,
– submits a quotation

It is recommended to take some time to reflect (in France there is a mandatory fifteen days time frame between the first medical consultation and the operation).

A second medical consultation is recommended before any final decision. During this consultation:
– results of the pre-operative tests are analysed;
– in the light of additional written information, the patient may want to seek further clarification,
– a date for the operation is set should the patient wish to proceed.
– The patient receives a file providing all necessary information such as:
> medical prescriptions,
> an appointment for the anaesthetic procedure, performed not later than 48 hours before the operation,
> administrative documents,
> a detailed estimation of the cost including the clinic’s fees (operating room and accommodation), implants if required, surgeon and anaesthetist’s fees,
> informed consent.

So that all the conditions are met to enable the operation to proceed under good conditions.